Peace Is Weightless

Hi! I'm Chelsea. Welcome to my journey to find peace and gain a healthy, strong, fit body.

I post about health, weight loss, fitness, and my everyday struggles with staying calm, grounded, and away from Luna Bars and peanut butter.

I am currently following the Ideal Protein diet (started November 4, 2013). I was vegan from January 2010-February 2013.

Height: 5'8" Weight: HW: 210 CW: 181

My ultimate goal is not a weight; it's a body fat percentage. HBFP: 37% CBFP: 30% UGBFP: 23%

Message me! I love friends.


It’s crazy that 17 lbs can make this much of a difference! Even losing 5 lbs makes a noticeable difference! Telling yourself you need to lose 10, 30, 50+ pounds can be daunting and discouraging. Don’t ever fixate on the total number of pounds you want to lose, and instead give yourself smaller, more achievable goals to train towards. In the end, it’s all the same but it tricks your mind to stay motivated longer 😃💪 ALSO if someone has the nerve to say “those aren’t the same people/ shorts imma give them a piece of my mind 😜 #fittip #trasnformationtuesday #inspiredtobefit #itbf #beforeandafter